Insights & Strategy

Uncover new opportunities to connect your brand with audiences.

Successful strategy is the product of sharp instincts refined through insights that come from qualitative research, backed up by solid data. We’re obsessive about discovering new ways to approach, analyze and use data so our strategic decisions are as informed as possible. The goal is always informed transformation. Whether the target is B2B, B2C, or it’s an internal communication, our Strategy Team brings together experience, instinct, and intel to pinpoint the most relevant and effective ways to reach your audience.

Landscape mapping

• Secondary Research
• Audience sentiment analysis
• Topic modeling/clustering
• Social listening (all social channels, all news outlets)
• Audience segmentation
• Persona build/mapping
• SEM, SEO, and Keyword traffic analysis
• Paid media analysis (all channels)
• Organic social cross channel analysis
• Visual paid media landscape analysis

Brand Analysis

• Share of Voice
• Share of search
• Customer segmentation
• Brand perception & sentiment analysis
• Survey development and deployment
• Brand community surveys
• Customer Interviews
• Persona mapping
• Social listening
• Visual paid media landscape analysis
• Brand image and visibility assessment

Opportunity and
Gap Analysis

• Market trends & research
• Activations Strategy
• Centrality and distinctiveness mapping
• Customer Journey mapping
• Surveys and interviews
• Stakeholder interviews
• Social listening

Paid media audits

• Google Analytics
• Search ads, digital and video 360
• Other programmatic
• Organic social
• Traffic data
• Paid media
• Searchability
• Social listening