Philadelphia Phillies: Red October Campaign

The Moment

The Phillies’ 2022 season was unprecedented Major League Baseball history. The first sixth-seeded team ever to make it to the World Series, as October progressed, the team made it to the Wild Card position, scoring unlikely wins in each division game until finally securing a spot to square off against the Astros in the playoffs. #RedOctober is a hashtag the Phillies had used before, but this year it took on new dimension as Phillies fans watched their team move towards the World Series for the first time since 2008 and the excitement and camaraderie took over city of Philadelphia.

The Process

After working so closely with their marketing team and the season theme we built together, the new Red October campaign was poised to be the next storm that took over the city. Building off the regular season's style, we needed to capture the growing excitement of the fans and literally paint the town red. A cloud of red dust, a visual tie to the season theme, took over the foreground, and in-game, monumental celebration and action poses of players built up the hype. We dialed up the energy with bolder, slanted typography embodying the team’s rise.

The Impact

In the height of Red October with high hopes and big dreams, we launched our initial materials. Stadium banners, billboards, bus wraps, Center City & City Hall takeovers, and social & digital assets of Red October flooded the streets and screens of every Phillies fan in the region. The city was electric, and win after win, the unexpected need for more assets arose. Our highly agile team, working in collaboration with the Phillies, rose to the challenge of meeting the moment.