Mobile Outfitters

The Moment

Mobile Outfitters is a leading manufacturer and master licensee in the global device protection market. After more than a decade as a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce business, they made a strategic pivot to focus on product development, manufacturing, master licensee marketing and remarketing. Mobile Outfitters needed to express their brand in a single, distinctive voice that positioned them as a dynamic, culture-first company committed to growing their people, business and the ambition of leaving their collective mark on the world.

The Process

After a Deep Dive into the Mobile Outfitters story to date, we engaged leadership and key stakeholders in an Immersion Session and a series of 2:1 Interviews. This led to a Strategy Brief that defined the choices the brand was making as they moved forward. This new vision was expressed in a Purpose First Platform with manifesto and Mood & Mindset board. We also focused the drama of their new story through our 2x2 Storycube methodology. Together, these brand tools directed the repurposing of their website, and a fully integrated Activation Plan, that included the creation of a Master Licensee Advisory Council.

The Impact

Mobile Outfitters is the recipient of several industry awards and is now in more than 700 locations throughout 45 countries. They are clear and confident about their role, their purpose, and where they are leading the industry.