The Moment

Kleer had big, noble dreams of rectifying a major wrong in healthcare: dental insurance. A handful of insurers control the dental care market, dictating their terms to dentists, employers, and consumers. The status quo was an inefficient market that’s bad for dentists and even worse for patients—with overcomplicated and expensive plans, minimal choices, lots of frustration, and little innovation—confusion and mistrust ran rampant.

50% of US consumers do not visit a dentist each year, primarily due to affordability, lack of insurance coverage, and mistrust of dentists and dental insurers. Even though uninsured dental patients value dental care, they also feel they’re paying too much. There’s no good way of determining what they should pay, and they’re uncomfortable challenging or negotiating fees.

The Process

We set out to help Kleer answer the question: How might we invent a new and improved way to provide access to high quality, affordable dental care plans to patients?

The answer: a simple, professional, cloud-based membership plan with a consumer experience that meets their expectations.

We dug in and conducted focus groups, interviews, and market studies with dentists and patients to tap into insights from the communities we wanted to serve. We developed prototype websites alongside consumers and dentists, exploring potential feature sets in co-lab settings to figure out which design aesthetics would hit the mark and which types of language would really resonate with the audiences. We created and honed logos and developed a comprehensive brand identity to bring Kleer to life in a bold, playful, and smart way.

The Impact

Kleer is a true disruptor. They saw a glaring flaw in the dental care space, they thought of a way to fix it, and they’re working hard to systematically put control back into the hands of patients. But the dental space isn’t the only area that’s ripe for disruption. Kleer has their sights set squarely on providing accessible and affordable wellbeing services to anyone and everyone who needs it, and we're right by their side making the mission work in the real world.