Black Lives Matter We stand with you. We stand against inequality and racism.

We commit to calling out inequality and racism wherever and whenever we see it. We expect others to call us out when we make mistakes. We believe that the only way to live is together, as equals. And that the future is about following leaders to help turn protests into policies, so we can all be free.

Our industry, the advertising industry, has always struggled with diversity and inclusion in both the execution of campaigns and the talent that creates them. This must change.



For the fourth consecutive year, leading biopharmaceutical provider, ViroPharma, Inc., returnedto 20nine to capture their motivation and steady performance in their 2012 annual report.

It was a year spent working to ensure that their path forward would be clear of obstacles and distractions. In 2012, ViroPharma took a step back to remember why they do what they do: to serve their patients and doctors by reinforcing a sense of hope. By methodically expanding their geographical reach and looking beyond the day-to-day rigors of their business, ViroPharma continues to improve the quality of life for a growing number of patients and doctors worldwide.

Our Mission Has Never Been More Clear was designed not only to feature ViroPharma’s human-centered mission, but also to raise awareness of the unique stories of the afflicted. 20nine met the patients, their families and their doctors overseas to translate raw emotions and real-life details throughout the book.With the use of typographical overlays, stunning photography, and a clear, distinct message, 20nine“lifts the cloud” and makes ViroPharma’s commitment transparent in this year’s annual report.