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Story Sprints can help you get your story right in two days or less.
People know your company’s name. They might know what you do. But without a clear understanding of your core story, you’re a mystery to the customers you’re trying to reach. Put differently, they have no idea WHY they should care about what you’re saying or WHY they would want to do business with you.
Story Sprints can help you build the right story right now. Our team at 20nine works closely with clients to follow a clear and compelling framework that guides you through the critical phases of building an indelible narrative. We designed a guided experience over the course of two days that focuses on four key components of the Story Sprint:

  • 1 The Premise
    What’s going on in the world right now that sets the stage for your story? What’s the framework you wish to tell your story in?
  • 2 The Point of Conflict
    Where’s the tension in your story that conjures a powerful emotion? Where’s the conflict or obstacle that needs to be overcome?
  • 3 The Promise
    What’s the promise you’re making to your audience or contribution you’re providing to the world? Make it exciting!
  • 4 The Path to Resolution
    What actions do you want people to take? What do you want them to do in order to bring about this transformation?

If you’ve ever wondered how brands like Warby Parker, Uber, Airbnb, or Dollar Shave Club have been so successful, look to the story framework we just laid out. If you look closely, you’ll notice that each of their stories creates a clear and compelling premise, builds palpable emotion, makes a meaningful promise, and shows customers what to do in order to be transformed.
It’s pretty noisy out there and one thing is clear: Whoever tells the best story wins. Consider our framework a cheat sheet you and your team can use to help build yours.


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