What is it

Purpose First Workshops are one- and two-day events that help you define and articulate your core purpose in a clear and simple way. We work directly with your leadership team, in a virtual setting, to work out your core purpose, enabling you to clearly communicate your relevance and value with power and grace. Both of which are critical in today’s volatile environment.

We’re an expert team of facilitators and design thinkers using interactive methods to help you articulate your core purpose, vision, mission and values, and show you how to activate them within your organization and go-to-market messaging.

Key Outcomes


Focus your energy over the course of a day, or two to come out with your brand foundation in place, ready to start using it immediately.


Recalibrate who you are and how you message that in everything you do.


Get a brand book with everything spelled out in detail so you can easily enlist your team and begin to execute.

Add value to your business and energize your culture

The Purpose First Workshop helps you focus on WHAT you do, HOW you do it and most importantly, WHY you do it.


  • One- and two-day virtual workshops are highly focused, engaging and get your team thinking, talking and working together
  • Proven exercises that help you zero in on your core purpose, vision, mission and values
  • A Purpose First workbook summarizing the outcome of the workshop, serving as a valuable reference guide for activation
  • Purpose First 29-Day Alerts to your phone or laptop, reinforcing key principles and practices of the program

Here’s what some of our clients had to say about our workshops:

We didn’t think you could actually do an immersion like this virtually but you proved to us that we could.
Wow, your team got us to talk to each other in ways we don’t normally.

How it works

Ideate 1.

Using a set of proven exercises and discovery activities, we’ll ideate together to extract the central ideas around your purpose, vision and mission.

Collaborate 2.

Through our facilitation process, 20nine works closely with you to draw out the most dominant ideas for refinement and articulation.

Articulate 3.

Our writers and content designers work with the group to express key ideas for purpose, vision, mission as well as your team’s manifesto. In our two-day workshop, our team will work closely with you to define and articulate core values of your company in a simple and clear way.

Pre-Workshop Conversation

20nine conducts a discovery conference call with your core team to discuss details of the workshop and set expectations for the project.

One-Day Workshop

Our one-day workshop includes exercises and activities that help you define and articulate your core purpose, vison and mission statements.

Two-Day Workshop

Our two-day workshop expands on the full day of exercises and activities in the one-day workshop with a second day devoted to development and articulation of your core values and behaviors in detail.

Workshop Summary and Final Articulations

We provide you with a comprehensive summary document of your core purpose, vision, mission, and values statements, along with your manifesto. The document also includes a summary of the workshop highlights and an executive summary.

Do you want to schedule a workshop?

Fill out the form to schedule a one-day or two-day Purpose First Workshop or learn more how we can customize a workshop to fit you and your company.

We’ve done this before.

As a purpose-first creative consultancy, 20nine helps companies from start-ups to billion-dollar global consultancies reclaim their core and become more purpose-based.

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When you know who you are at your core, the unknown isn’t as scary.