Tie Bar

The Moment

The Tie Bar was a startup that had grown up. They had made a name for themselves as purveyors of high style at low prices. But their brand identity was dated and didn’t reflect its masculine, sharp and refreshing brand character—or the type of experience their customers could expect, for that matter. The question became “How might we refresh the brand identity of The Tie Bar while also elevating the customer experience?”

The Process

We wanted to show style-seeking men that The Tie Bar enables them to achieve a sophisticated level of style without the frills of a cumbersome or over-complicated experience.

The Tie Bar provided us with a ton of great inspiration to work with, including their pitch materials, intended positioning, and a rough persona. We needed to bring it all to life. Since the products spoke for themselves, we gave them a platform to do the talking: An elegant, cleanly designed site that highlights the brand’s incredible assortment of ties and accessories, and encourages men to explore and identify their own sense of style among the options.

We reinvigorated the brand by putting its core message, “Style, Liberated”, front-and-center. We supported this promise with simple yet sophisticated typography and a subtle color palette with bold accents. The brand projected its positioning of “great value, beautifully designed” with quiet confidence and just the right touch of elegance.

The overall identity marries the refined, masculine quality of the products with the heritage of the flagship location. From the packaging to the website, the brand now exudes the sharp and refreshing feeling that men experience when they freshen up their wardrobe with The Tie Bar’s dapper duds.

The Impact

The brand refresh generated enthusiasm within the company and sparked interest from existing and new customers. The brand experienced an immediate spike in sales and strong new momentum for the business.