York Beach Beer Co.

The Moment

York Beach Beer Co. is the second small craft brewery opened by the Some Brewing Company. Built inside an old post office in York Beach, Maine in 2019, it was conceived to expand sales of their locally made beer and food, and to capitalize on the beach culture of the area. To do this successfully, Some Brewing needed a complete, ownable visual identity, including designs for beer cans and bottles. that would reflect the quality of their products and tie the entire operation together.

The Process

York Beach has long been a popular, quaint summer, beach-side locale. So, we started there. The bright, fun, energetic colors, playful lines, and beach-centric imagery of the beach itself were brought together to create an ownable identity and visual system that played out over a suite of packaging, signage, and merch/swag.

The Impact

Capitalizing on the name and location, recognizable and eye-catching branding set York Beach apart from other breweries and it instantly resonated with both tourists and locals. As such, York Beach Beer Co. had a stellar first year. Despite the pandemic challenges of 2020, they managed to achieve around 15% growth. Upon entering their third year, with the pandemic beginning to retreat, they saw increased traffic and beer sales that continued through the summer and into fall and winter, with an overall growth of 55% by the end of 2021.