LaSalle College High School

The Moment

Founded by the De La Salle Christian brothers in 1858, La Salle College High School is a Roman Catholic college preparatory school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The traditions and values of the school are rooted in the principles of a Lasallian education and fosters a commitment to academic excellence, service, and leadership. Their values are not just a statement painted on the walls. They are lived each day through everyone that walks its hallways, sets foot on its fields, experiments in its labs, and performs in its auditorium. After speaking to the dedicated alumni, and passionate faculty, we knew there was more than just education at work here. The challenge was to dig deeper and find how to share this spirit with a larger audience. Especially the next generation of potential incoming freshmen. Through interviews and discovery sessions with key faculty and administration, students, and even parents of current students, we explored their values, traditions, unique offerings, and the legacy of what it really means to be a Lasallian gentleman. We heard that their time at LaSalle was more than just an education. It was an experience that needed to be shared through personal stories of meaningful relationships and one-of-a-kind opportunities.

The Process

The approach was to develop a more interactive and personal journey to bring delight for prospective students. La Salle’s message of ‘Choose Your Path’ sparked the concept of a field-guide-inspired, wirebound journal for prospective students to chart their own adventure through. The overall design is based on a collage approach with stickers, tape, layering of images and personal quotes from other students to make it feel like a hand-me-down from upperclassmen. The color palette was punched up to bring youthful energy and balance the historic brand. To make sure the reader could picture themselves in the story, the photography was focused on friendly interactions between students, showing off the beautiful campus and in action shots of sports and activities. Overall, the collage style and the notes give the viewbook a personal quality that invites the student into a long-standing tradition and brotherhood. With messaging, we wanted to make sure to come across both approachable and conversational, and to make sure you were hearing the stories directly from the students themselves. A new manifesto struck a balance between La Salle’s heritage and a contemporary tone that was relatable to young boys but resonant with the aspirations of their parents.

The Impact

The new piece broke the bounds of traditional viewbook standards and became a thoughtfully curated piece that can now be updated with new stories and voices from year to year that will help speak to and inspire future generations of Lasallian gentlemen.