Discovery began with a deep dive into Greene Towne’s history, curriculum, personnel, and classroom experience. We then took them through an immersion to reveal their “why” and the white space it creates, and several 1-on-1 interviews with all stakeholders to drill down into detail. This rich input led to a Strategy Brief that guided and inspired a Purpose First Platform, a Manifesto, a reimagining of their website, and Activations to build a deeper connection between stakeholders and establish a shared purpose.



Becoming a learner for life is an amazing gift, but it doesn’t just happen. It comes from the positive choices we make as educators, as parents, and from what each of our students chooses for themselves.

Every Choice Matters.

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Greene Towne Montessori School has been a shining example of how to navigate through a pandemic at a time when many educational institutions have struggled. The work done to define and articulate their purpose and story has led to a revitalized website and communications that connect great families with a great place of learning.