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Release: Announcing our new COO, Jason Weidner, and the acquisition of brand incubator Nucleus Brands

PHILADELPHIA, PA, January 22, 2019 – Philly-based creative brand agency 20nine continues to build on its commitment to purpose-driven branding and delivering full circle solutions by acquiring Nucleus Brands and naming its CEO, Jason Weidner, as 20nine’s Chief Operating Officer.
“Today’s consumers are expecting brands to be more purpose-driven and deliver higher-order value to society. Acquiring Nucleus accelerates our ability to build brands with more meaning for clients and brands of our own. 20nine has always been entrepreneurial in nature so this makes total sense.” – Greg Ricciardi, President/CEO, 20nine
We live in a time where brands are being defined by their values and the way those values impact their actions. This makes it critical for existing brands to see themselves through a “purpose lens” and new-to-the-world brands to figure out their purpose from the start. Which fits in perfectly with 20nine’s approach to the work.
Nucleus Brands is a portfolio of Direct-to-Consumer brands, living at the intersection of smart product development and strategic marketing. The mission is to leverage ecommerce as the main distribution channel, while creating value for customers in high demand categories with opportunity for innovation. These products inspire consumers to share their experience with others and proudly represent the brand as a reflection of themselves.
By adding this capability, 20nine enhances its offering of brand development, digital marketing, social media, product design, and development, to now deliver a high-value platform that completes the full circle, from concept, to bring-to-market strategy, to operationalizing it in the digital age.
“We’re excited to engage with clients who are committed to bringing a greater sense of purpose and meaning to the brands they sell but also to continue building purpose-first brands of our own. Nucleus home-grown brands will continue to be developed under the flag of the new brand incubator that includes Waggery (pet products), Freetown (lifestyle apparel) and Matsy (home goods).” – Jason Weidner, COO, 20nine
About 20nine: 20nine is a creative branding agency specializing in purpose-driven brand strategy, story, identity, and market operationalization. With office locations in LA, NYC, and headquarters in Philadelphia, 20nine is a hybrid brand consultancy, design agency, and innovation group. Their size and experience give them the flexibility to identify emerging opportunities, build strategy and execute with greater speed and agility.

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