About Us

We deliver bold and beautiful brands in a cut and paste world.

The Gist

20nine is part brand consultancy, part design firm and part rowdy idea factory.

Anything worth doing is worth doing differently.

Success has a need for speed, agility and creativity. 20nine delivers on all three. We’re a highly collaborative and caffeinated group of brand strategists, writers, designers, technologists, and insight gatherers committed to creating charismatic brands, products, services and experiences that stand out and stand for something important in the minds of your audience.

Our Values

Be honest and direct

Fight for things that matter

Understand and deliver

No egos, no a-holes

Relationships should be awesome, not awkward

No prom themes

Speed, agility and creativity win

Greg Ricciardi

President & CEO

Greg founded the company in 2002. Before that, Greg finessed his cat-herding technique in creative and managerial roles at a number of Pennsylvania advertising and design agencies. He’s a graphic designer by trade, as well as a seasoned strategist. From day one he’s been driven by a passion for creating inspiring and unexpected work. His favorite part of the job? “Partnering with clients to create the most innovative and kick-ass work that exceeds their expectations for their brand.” Greg is on the board of the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia (VP) and the Philadelphia Ad Club. He also does philanthropic work with the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s annual “Ride for Life” event.

Gary Kopervas

VP of Brand Strategy & Innovation

Gary is a self-proclaimed “creative misfit” in that he doesn’t fit neatly into any one compartment or department. He’s an insight spotter, brand strategist, writer, content creator, creative facilitator, product innovator and a nationally syndicated cartoonist. At 20nine, Gary works directly with our clients and creative and interactive design teams to give strategic shape to data and consumer insights in order to bring brands to life through the telling of evocative and visually compelling stories audiences can relate to and rally around. Gary had a hand in developing the agency’s proprietary toolset including the Master Motivating Idea methodology, 2×2 StoryCube and Insight-Out Archetyping techniques. Having facilitated hundreds of brainstorming sessions around the U.S and in Europe for clients such as P&G, Cadbury, Novartis and Absolut, Gary leads immersion sessions at the agency. Gary started his career with Ogilvy New York and was one of the founding members of Marco Polo Explorers, a global new product invention consultancy.

Kevin Hammond

Creative Director

Kevin is a glutton for inspiration. He’s a photographer, a silk screen maker, an avid music fan, and a fiend for the outdoors. He lives with a chronic creative itch he can’t quite seem to scratch, which is just fine by him. After graduating from the University of The Arts, he focused his energies at Lippincott in NYC where he cut his teeth creating and developing identity systems, publications, interactive media and environmental design for an array of clients like Delta Air lines, LG, Sprint, Samsung, Comcast, Pizza Hut, Chevron, Hyatt and First Citizens Bank. But a longing for good friends, supportive family, and authentic soft pretzels brought him home to Philly, and now he heads the truly gifted and witty design crew at 20nine, who he coaxes to discover the big idea. Outside the bubble, Kevin is much the same. You can find him and his wife carving up the slopes, traveling or hitting the concert trail in search of inspiration—trying, as always, to scratch that itch.

Mark Allen Stuart

Chief Operating Officer

Mark’s lives to organize, strategize and drive company growth—but in a good way. Mark focuses his time on the development of strategic partnerships, company financial planning and organizational development.

Mark has been an officer in four publicly owned companies and has had the chance to lead several incredible multi-function teams. After leaving Rice University, Mark joined Procter and Gamble where he developed a keen sense of the importance of brand and category management and then was part of the team that took Linen’s n’ Things public, serving as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to joining 20nine, Mark managed a strategic planning consultancy serving over 100 companies in thirty different industries. Yes he is ADD.

Fun fact: Mark produces rock music and writes/directs monster movies.

Art Stiefel

VP, Director of Digital Strategy

Art Stiefel is our VP, Director of Digital Strategy, which means he’s all about helping our clients maximize their digital footprints and optimize their digital initiatives.

You can ask him about a typical day-in-the-life, but let’s be honest—there’s nothing “typical” about the digital space. It’s constantly in flux, and Art is a master at fluxing right along with it. On any given day you can find him assessing digital capabilities, social media platforms, and online media and marketing opportunities to make sure our clients are killin’ it on and offline.

Art is a true fixer and perpetual tinkerer—even in the physical world. He learned how to take stuff apart and put it back together at an early age and is “always exploring and striving to uncover fresh ways of thinking, designing, presenting and inspiring others to action.” (His quote. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!)

When you chat with him, ask him about his “drip” sound effect. It’s so good that it was used in a Tetley Iced Tea commercial!

Tracey Williamson

Senior Art Director

After freelancing as a designer throughout college, Tracey decided that she had found her calling—in life as well as her job. When she’s not creating award-winning design work at 20nine, she’s applying her design skills to everything from home décor to dinner parties. Tracey also enjoys going to concerts, doing yard work, and relaxing with a beer on her deck.

Erin McGeever

Senior Art Director

Erin is a Senior Art Director here at 20nine, and also our unofficial cheerleader—she’s always upbeat and flexible, and she’s an incredible motivator for the other members of our design team. (It doesn’t hurt that she used to be an all-star cheerleading coach, too!)

If Erin were a piece of furniture, she’d be a kitchen island, because she loves being where everyone gathers and enjoys each other’s company. And, just like every other kitchen island we’ve met, she’s not very good at gardening.

When she’s not designing, Erin can almost always be found behind a camera. She owns a wedding photography business, Grace + Ardor Co., which feeds her passions for making people feel beautiful in their own skin and capturing people in love. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but if there were, travelling the world, cooking, and interior decorating would fill them.

Despite the magic she brings to our team and her hobbies, she’s never read any of the Harry Potter books. We don’t hold it against her, though, ‘cause she’s double-jointed with a super strong intuition, and that’s almost wizardry.

Calan Ma’lyn

Digital Art Director

Calan’s our Digital Art Director, so her day-to-day includes carefully crafting the strategies and designs that fuel our client brands’ identities, websites, and marketing materials. She’s passionate about learning new skills herself and sharing any knowledge she gathers, so helping our junior team members sharpen their digital & interactive chops is a natural fit.

Calan is as much an adventurer outside of work as she is inside: She recently went on a backpacking trip around Cambodia and Vietnam—and brought back some out-of-this-world dumpling-makin’ techniques to prove it! When she’s not out exploring the wilderness, she’s at home creating beautiful collages from mid-century magazines and other esoteric materials.

Ask her about her budding passion for singing soul oldies—coming to an open mic near you (just as soon as she shakes the nerves).

Stephanie Berg

Account Director

Steph is one of our account executives, and she’s in charge of keeping our clients happy and our projects on-track. She’s a veteran with 10 years of experience at full-service advertising agencies under her belt, working with clients from international mega-companies to local artisan mom-and-pops. She loves keeping her finger on the pulse of creative work and playing an integral role in client relationship development.

She’s a mover and a shaker outside of work too, in the sense that she’s constantly on the move chasing her adventurous 2-year-old son and she loves to shake it at salsa bars & karaoke clubs.

When we asked Steph what flavor of yogurt she’d be, we thought her answer summed her up pretty nicely: Vanilla with real strawberries—just about everyone likes her and for the most part, you know what to expect…but every once in a while, she delivers an unexpected juicy punch.

Ask her about her time living in Hawaii, where she jumped out of a plane, zip-lined through rainforests, and failed miserably at surfing.

Joe Zeoli

Lead Developer

As 20nine’s Lead Developer, Joe looks at every project as a logic puzzle. He loves finding elegant, functional solutions to complicated development challenges. It’s still unclear whether his puzzle skills include escaping from Chinese Finger Traps.

Though his hobbies mainly include outdoor activities like snowboarding and running triathalons, Joe is a performer at heart. Whether juggling bowling pins, speaking at conferences or appearing on reality shows, he always finds himself in the spotlight. We think there’s a place for him in the next 20nine music video.

Jake Borer

Account Executive

As one of our account execs, Jake helps our Account Services team stay organized, manage projects, and “keep their frogs in a wheelbarrow” (his phrase, and our official new favorite).

He joined our team after years of working as a Beer Ambassador for Sly Fox Brewing Company, so he’s a pretty great addition to our beer connoisseurship crew, too. On top of that, he’s upping our office golf cred with his never-ending chase of long drives and short putts out on the links.

His extracurricular skills and accomplishments include sneaking Big Lebowski references into almost any conversation and setting the high score on pop-a-shot basketball arcade games across the country.

As a serial problem-solver and desperate laundry-hater, Jake’s pretty sure he can train his dog Chandler to fold clothes for him, and although conventional knowledge says you’d need opposable thumbs to properly fold anything, Jake’s not one to let convention dictate his life.

The dude abides.

Be Bold or Be Second

Julia Donato

Senior Writer/Planner

As our writer and planner, Julia’s role is a little bit creative and a little bit strategic – she helps brands figure out where they are and where they want to go, then helps them write the words to get there.

Outside of work, Julia’s the “Go Big or Go Home” type, but usually opts for the latter. She’s a homebody at heart with a constant supply of enablers in the form of a full Netflix queue, an overflowing pile of unread books, and a puppy who loves to snuggle. If she’s not doing a combination of those things, she might be baking gourmet cupcakes, boxing, playing Sega Genesis, or cooking enough food for a small army. Despite being a homebody, though, she’s also the first person to rally reluctant party-goers to knock back tequila shots and Jägerbombs. You’ve been warned.

Jess Eversmeyer

Graphic Designer

Jess is the rubber spatula of our design team: she’s flexible and dependable, and doesn’t miss much. She started with 20nine as an intern after graduating from Philadelphia University with the top design portfolio in her class. From brainstorming to sketching to illustrating, Jess loves to be part of the evolution of ideas as they develop into full visual brands.

Outside of work, Jess’ artistic hobbies include painting, color-organizing her belongings, and crushing on Wes Anderson.

Adam Noone

Graphic Designer

When Adam is not creating designs, he enjoys long walks to the bar, pepperoni pizza with ranch, and aimlessly browsing through pictures of cats wearing tights.
When he has had his fill on tight-wearing cats and pizza, you can find him destroying friends in Mario Party 2 on N64. With the free time that is left, Adam consistently works on his craft of designing, illustrating, lettering and the formulation of innovative ideas.

Sarah Seamonson

Junior Designer

Sarah’s a graphic designer with a deep passion for sports design and a deeper hatred for yardwork (those hoping for a design-and-mulch twofer, look elsewhere). She designed graphics for the Athletics Department at her alma mater Temple University, and here at 20nine she kills it with beautiful & unique digital design, animation, and illustration for our clients.

In her spare time, Sarah’s hobbies can best be described by The Lonely Island’s hit song. Her whole family is full of boat enthusiasts—they prefer the go-fast kind over the cruisin’ kind—so she spends a ton of time on the water.

When we asked Sarah what type of furniture she’d be, she said “disco ball”, and her skills include making strangely accurate animal noises. She’s a cheese and whiskey connoisseur, too, so maybe we should scrap it all and just say she brings the party.

Word to the wise: Never speak ill of her Packers or the Patron Saint Brett Favre in her presence. You’ve been warned.

Peg Feathers-Long

Staff Accountant

If Peg Feathers-Long were a household item, she’d be a hat rack—and not just because of her svelte physique. On any given day she can be found wearing all sorts of headgear—from book keeper, accountant and tax preparer to mom, business owner and property manager. When she’s at 20nine she can be found handling invoices, insurance payments and yes, paychecks, which may explain why everyone is extra-nice to her. To take a break from all her hat-wearing, Peg likes to go swimming, windsurfing and paddle boarding, all of which she performs bareheaded.

Fun fact: Peg is embarrassed to admit she’s never read Fifty Shades of Grey, whereas most people would say the opposite.


Account Executive

Are you detail oriented, so-on-top-of-everything-it's-not-funny, and love working in a collaborative creative environment? Cool...us too. We're currently looking for an AE to join our growing team of folks who help get it all done. If you've got what it takes to help handle accounts both really, really large and super small and not break a sweat hit us up. The ideal candidate is someone who’s not just passionate about creative, but about being the reason it gets done right and on time while keeping everybody happy.

Position: Account Executive
Reports to: VP Account Services, Account Manager

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • Assist the Account Manager/Supervisor in the daily operations of a long-term large account
  • Master The Art of generating estimates, invoices and keeping everything in scope
  • Communicate with Everybody. Clients, design and production staff and get everybody excited about what we're doing
  • Scheduling, Project Planning/Management
  • Work with print vendors, photographers and everybody in between
  • Help manage both internal and client expectations and overall agency work flow
  • Amazing verbal communication and written skills
  • Manage and implement QA process(es)
Qualifications A few must haves we’re looking for:
  • You are comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment with no egos or assholes
  • 1-2 years agency experience required. Title and compensation based on experience.
  • Detailed oriented and highly organized
  • Quick study who’s looking to learn the in’s and out’s of creative agency work
  • The desire and the ability to collaborate on creative work with a team and be the person that keeps everything/body on track
  • Fundamental understanding go  both internal and client expectations and overall agency work flow
  • Be able to work within a deadline driven environment
  • Amazing verbal communication and written skills
  • Ability to interface with clients directly
  • Full working knowledge of the MS Office Suite
  • Working knowledge of basic HTML, Adobe Creative Suite, print + media production are not required but are definitely a plus.
  • Strong desire to work at a smaller creative focused agency setting
  • Ability to help manage and implement QA process(es)
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Front End Developer

We’re looking for a talented Front End Developer to join our growing team of designers and strategists.

We create unique sites for our clients that do more than just take up rack space. We’re looking for someone with a passion for programming to help lead our development projects. If you’re someone who can build a site that’s technically well thought-out from wireframe to deployment, and want to work in an awesome creative space with awesomely talented people… then we’d love to talk to you.

Position: Front End Developer
Reports to: Lead Developer

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in an agency or freelance web development role
  • Proven skills in the usual front end list (JS, PHP, jQuery, CSS) as well as familiarity with WordPress
  • An eye for design coupled with a passion for the implementation of creativity into the digital space
  • Knowledge of responsive and adaptive design principles and translating PSDs into fluid and responsive templates
  • The ability to collaborate on work and help lead a team from an interactive perspective
  • Be able to help actually establish project timeframes and meet deadlines
  • Knowledge of current web standards, as well as cross platform/device functionality/best practices
  • The ability to interact with clients as well as good internal communications is a must
  • Bonus points for any level of the following: Animation skills (either JS/HTML5), JS frameworks (React/Angular/etc) or Git
  • Desire to work at a smaller creative focused agency setting
  • Ability to help manage and implement QA process(es)
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Senior Designer

20nine, a Creative Brand Agency in Conshohocken, PA is hiring a Senior Designer. Someone remarkable, uncommon and distinct. Someone extraordinary. Preferably someone who eats, breathes and sleeps design. In fact, you likely can’t help being creative and you generate ideas and concepts without being told to do so. When you are not designing, you are a glutton for inspiration, uncovering and chatting about intriguing new trends and innovations.

Position: Senior Designer
Reports to: Creative Director

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • You are comfortable working in a highly collaborative environment
  • You are confident and articulate with a thirst for all that is design
  • You’ve cut your teeth in the agency world for 4+ years
  • When we look at your book of work, we will quickly see your highly refined design aesthetic
  • You have experience in designing for a wide range of applications
  • Your design is strategic and well thought through
  • Others would tell us that your ability to properly research, ask questions and understand client and stakeholder needs has led to multiple project successes
  • You enjoy helping mentor designers
  • You have the ability to manage multiple projects at once and accurately set and meet deadlines
Qualifications A few must haves we’re looking for:
  • BFA
  • 4 + years of agency experience
  • A great attitude
  • Super Adobe powers
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Social Media Content Specialist

Your position will be guided by the VP, Director of Digital Strategy. The role of Social Media / Content Specialist is based at our Conshohocken, PA office and will be responsible for supporting 20nine’s consumer-focused, and B2B digital marketing efforts. This position will be responsible for creating compelling, informative and entertaining social media and email marketing content for a vast array of brands. The work you’ll be overseeing and implementing will be via social media channels, blog posts, websites and a whole host of emerging digital media and marketing channels.

Position: Social Media Content Specialist
Reports to: VP, Director of Digital Strategy

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • Develop effective and engaging content for multiple brands to be shared on all appropriate platforms
  • Manage social media communities, including posting and promoting content
  • Monitor social media traffic and engage online audiences as appropriate
  • Create and manage social media content calendars
  • Discover and share UGC (with permission and as legal)
  • Ideate, create and write blog posts – includes publishing and securing approvals to ensure posts adhere to strict accuracy and timing requirements
  • Create and send emails to engage our brands’ customers
  • Fill in for other social media roles and content/editorial support as needed
  • This person will thrive in a culture that is creative, brand-savvy, entrepreneurial, fast-paced, solutions focused, team oriented, zealously cost conscious, and fun
  • Strong results orientation and project management skills, excelling at juggling a wide range of administrative and marketing support projects to meet project goals and timelines
  • Strong cross-functional contributor and team player.
  • Work with cross-functional teams, including brand marketing teams, legal, compliance, designers and outside agencies and vendors, to bring ideas to life
Qualifications A few must haves we’re looking for:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Communications, or business-related field
  • 2-3 years prior experience in digital marketing, with at least 2 years focusing on social media preferred
  • Agency experience a plus
  • Prior knowledge and/or experience with ad tech or consumer packaged goods a plus
  • Must have excellent written communications skills and understanding of content strategy to ensure accurate, grammatically correct, public-facing social media postings.
  • Experience with web publishing platforms (e.g. WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ) is required.
  • Familiarity with social media management and scheduling tools required
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Creative Suite and InDesign preferred
  • Excellent organizational & interpersonal skills with attention to detail
  • Ability to set priorities and work independently within set guidelines
  • Ability to work collaboratively and interact professionally with internal and external customers of the company
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently and with a team in a fast-paced, high volume environment with emphasis on accuracy and timeliness
  • Prioritize while able to adapt to changing priorities
  • Demonstrated reliability and punctuality, work effectively in team environment


Core Competencies
  • Leadership and Drive: 
    • Collaborative team leader with high motivation and strong desire to achieve in a demanding environment.  
    • Sets own goals and progressive schedules for improvement. 
    • Conveys a sense of urgency, and drives issues to closure. 
    • A team builder who inspires, coaches, develops and leads from the trenches and by example.
    • Holds oneself and others accountable for achieving high levels of performance and responsiveness. 
    • Attracts, retains and develops strong talent.
  • Intellectual Curiosity: 
    • Connects “the dots” quickly and perceptively. 
    • Problem solves without a road map. 
    • Fascinated by emerging consumer trends and design. 
    • Enjoys challenging conventional wisdom.
  • Communication Skills: 
    • Translates data into focused insights. 
    • Highly articulate. 
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; operates equally effectively in formal and informal settings both internally and externally. 
    • Well-honed influencing skills; courage to confidently express an independent point of view.
  • Cultural Astuteness and Flexibility: 
    • Is pragmatic, adaptable and focused in a fast-paced environment. 
    • Adapts strategies and approach as new information and circumstances arise. 
    • Is resilient in the face of challenging obstacles.
  • Energy: 
    • Has a very high capacity for work. 
    • Shows passion, energy/endurance, intensity and excitement. 
    • Is outcome/results focused and drives issues to closure. 
    • Resourceful and innovative; always pushing to find new and better ways of working.
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VP, Director of Business Development

Responsible for the management of all new business development, activities and pitches. Focus will be on identifying and pursuing qualified leads, RFP’s and referrals.

Position: VP, Director of Business Development
Reports to: CEO

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • Demonstrates ability to work collaboratively in a team environment on RFP’s, new business meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Assists in defining goals for new business development.
  • Researches, analyzes and monitors financial, technological and demographic factors to capitalize on new market / business leads and opportunities.
  • Initiates and manages effective relationships and develop a sales pipeline.
  • Manages multiple new business prospect engagements
  • Assists in recommending, establishing, and being accountable to implement strategic and / or tactical new business marketing plans designed to achieve agency goals and objectives.
  • Evaluates market research and adjusts new business strategies to meet changing market and competitive conditions.
  • Generate new leads for the agency, set appointments and pre-qualify the prospects.
  • Contributes to developing and maintaining a prospect database.
  • Active involvement with the Social Media strategy of the agency
Qualifications A few must haves we’re looking for:
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • 8-10 plus years of experience in sales
  • Creative Agency experience required
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VP, Director of Client Services

The Vice President’s primary responsibilities are managing client accounts and assisting in growth and development of staff as well as the overall firm. This involves expanding and securing new business, managing project portfolio that meets or exceeds projections, and participating in the internal management of the company. The Vice President will guide staff development through identifying skills needs, delegating tasks appropriately and motivating project staff to provide outstanding client service. The Vice President will report directly to the President and CEO. A Vice President is a member of the 20nine senior staff and as such is also expected to participate in senior staff meetings, actively identify and pursue new business opportunities, contribute ideas into the overall management and well-being of the firm, serve as a mentor to junior staff and consistently identify and implement new ways to improve the quality of 20nine’s work and job satisfaction for staff.

Position: VP, Director of Client Services
Reports to: CEO

Essential Duties & Responsibilities Our expectations for your success at 20nine include these must haves:
  • Manage and lead the Client Services team.
  • Develop junior staff to the next level by ensuring assigned staff fully understand projects, providing effective feedback to staff (positive and critical), identifying and promoting growth opportunities for all junior staff
  • Implement firm policies around recruiting, staffing, training and account management that result in top-notch client service as well as a positive work environment that fosters a pattern of long-term staff retention
  • Promote a positive environment for staff and identify and work with firm management to address any issues that are creating barriers to an optimal work environment for all staff
  • Provide feedback, advice and back up as needed to other members of senior staff team to ensure all senior staff has support needed to effectively run accounts and promote positive work environment
  • Attend and actively participate in senior staff meetings, offering ideas, insights and recommendations on firm policies, staffing, client service, new business and other topics that ultimately impact the overall quality of the firm
  • Effectively manage all aspects of an account team
  • Manage workflow for yourself and all staff assigned to your project team
  • Consistently demonstrate ability to successfully move into problem-solving mode whenever challenges or concerns arise
  • Work well with and demonstrate respect for colleagues at all levels and consistently contribute to a positive work environment for the entire staff
  • Take responsibility for one internal area of management (i.e., new hire orientation, tech support, new business, office moral, etc.)
  • Assist in hiring new staff that ultimately prove to be excellent, long-term hires
  • Take the lead on implementing at least one internal program/procedure per quarter that improves office moral and/or contributes to staff retention
External Relationships
  • Identify new business opportunities, participate in new business pitches and assist in drafting new business proposals
  • Expand and/or renew existing accounts
  • Maintain an extensive network of potential connections that can be tapped for new business outreach, issue expertise, etc.
  • Successfully run multiple accounts simultaneously, including managing work plans, client expectations, and internal staffing to ensure project is consistent with time and scope in the contract
  • Show impeccable client service as demonstrated by at least one positive, unsolicited remark from a client per month as well as positive reviews from clients when firm management makes periodic check-in calls
  • Develop relationships with vendors or contractors that represent a variety of fields (media, policy, design, Web, etc.) and can be used on projects as needed
Communication and Process
  • Assume all responsibilities for effectively leading an account team, including ensuring all administrative pieces are in place (work plan, contract, budget, projections, etc.), clients report high satisfaction, all staff clearly understand accounts and assignments, and the entire team is working in a cooperative fashion to promote great work as well as a positive internal team environment
  • Write strategic communication plans and campaign strategies that demonstrate 20nine’s creative approach, offer unique strategies tailored to the needs of the client and provide enough detail that they can be implemented by client in the event 20nine is not contracted for implementation
  • Demonstrate outstanding writing and communication skills
  • Consistently meet internal and external deadlines
Financial and Administrative
  • Submit expense reimbursement forms as appropriate
  • Submit accurate time sheets
  • Regularly update projections and manage work to meet or exceed projected revenue targets
  • Manage project budgets to maintain high client satisfaction while meeting or coming in below budget
  • Manage that all client work is invoice on a timely manner and work with 20nine’s Staff Accountant to ensure payment of invoices on a timely manner.
  • Find ways to save company money by improving/streamlining internal systems or procedures
Compensation and Benefits
  • Competitive Salary with the potential for an annual bonus
  • Excellent benefits package including health, dental and vision.
  • 401K is available after one year of employment with a 4% company match
  • Agency has an Unlimited PTO policy
  • A 5% commission will be award for any new business acquired as a direct result of your relationship. The 5% will be calculated from the total gross billings for that client for one year.
Qualifications A few must haves we’re looking for:
  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • 8-10 plus years of experience in Client Management
  • Creative Agency experience required
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29 heads are better than one

We don’t auto-anything

Anything worth doing is worth doing differently

Team is “meat” spelled sideways

Talk British to me

Technology isn’t the idea. The idea is the idea.

Go forth and simplify