Black Lives Matter We stand with you. We stand against inequality and racism.

We commit to calling out inequality and racism wherever and whenever we see it. We expect others to call us out when we make mistakes. We believe that the only way to live is together, as equals. And that the future is about following leaders to help turn protests into policies, so we can all be free.

Our industry, the advertising industry, has always struggled with diversity and inclusion in both the execution of campaigns and the talent that creates them. This must change.


Rhythm One


Blinkx, a leader in the goal-oriented marketing & video aggregator space, came to us with a handful of subsidiaries that had joined its family through acquisitions and mergers. With all these disparate entities now living under one roof, Blinkx needed a complete overhaul: a united brand architecture, a redesigned corporate identity, a fresh visual system and tactical guidelines to keep everything polished well into the future.


After a thorough naming brainstorm process, we emerged with the new main brand name – RhythmOne – and created a mark for it that’s bold, fresh, and engaging, just like the brand. We made sure the mark was strong enough to stand on its own but flexible enough to be applied and expressed to all the sub-brands under the umbrella. We used the “Branded House” approach to describe the relationship between sub-brands and main brand and make the merge from many to one feel smooth and intentional. We created a system that helped transition each sub-brands that helped express the unified new direction while also harkening back to each subsidiary’s “former self”.