How does a brand put a stake in the ground when the ground keeps shifting? That was the inherent challenge in working with MediaMath. As programmatic media buying practices and digital advertising budgets continued to rise, there was an opportunity for a single brand to take the lead as the voice of reason and opportunity. 20nine had worked with MediaMath several years prior to the recent major brand launch. The “Math Geeks” user campaign had been one of the first true brand marketing campaigns in the category. It helped give MediaMath early traction in the industry. 20nine also helped devised MediaMath’s “Future Series” road show that helped give the brand wide-scale visibility. The 2014 brand expansion focused on the gestalt of the industry and built the story around the premise “This is marketing’s big moment. Make every interaction count.” The brand story was a call to arms to all CMOs and advertisers to exploit the opportunity and let MediaMath and its T1 Operating System™ be the partner who could help brands realize their full potential. The brand campaign was clean, bold, and compelling. The Master Motivating Idea of “Do What Can Now Be Done” positioned MediaMath as a brand built around action, expertise and vision.