The Moment

As a leader pioneering 1:1 technology in the Digital Video space, Eyeview came to us to update their brand to reflect the company they had become.

We started from the ground up: We created not just a new brand, but a new category based around Eyeview's ability to do more than just create targeted hyper-personalized video advertising: they create measurable ROI. We call it Outcome-Based Video Marketing.

Then we built a strong visual system—featuring results-driven "growth bars" to represent real, measurable outcomes—to support a category-defining brand.

The Process

Once we had the visual system signed, sealed, and delivered, we wanted to help Eyeview truly live its new brand.

That meant infusing the new visual system into every aspect of Eyeview's business. We started with corporate collateral—namely, dynamically designed business cards that incorporate a custom die-cut envelope and a card that, when pulled out, reveals the signature growth bars.

We also audited Eyeview's office to customize designs to the space they had, and started applying high-impact visual appeal to the walls, screens, desks, and even elevators. We brought the Eyeview brand into the real world in a big way.

On the digital front, the new website was designed to give Eyeview the power to showcase their ability to create real world results for their clients as well as position themselves as leaders in this new category.

The Impact

From the first point of introduction, Eyeview is able to communicate its value through beautifully designed business cards and a bold, impactful office space.

The website really brings the brand to life, using animation to emphasize growth, agility and results. Video is incorporated throughout to highlight what Eyeview does best: constructing the most relevant content on an elemental level, and delivering across screens and audiences. The site highlights results and case studies in an interactive way, driving home the fact that Eyeview delivers.