Muscular Dystrophy Association is leading the fight against muscular dystrophy, ALS, and related neuromuscular diseases. These debilitating degenerative disorders cause immeasurable pain to sufferers and those who care for them; our goal is to help lessen the pain. MDA supports research projects worldwide to accelerate treatments and cures that will put these disorders in our rearview forever. They help provide care for individuals from Day One of their diagnosis to make sure they’re getting the best treatment available.

Over the years Ride for Life has become the world’s largest Harley-Davidson fundraising event to benefit MDA. Each Ride for Life event brings riders and H.O.G. Chapter members together, partnering them with families and kids living with neuromuscular diseases. The weekend-long celebration is the culmination of a year of fundraising by Harley-Davidson dealerships; it’s a chance for MDA Ambassadors to be rock stars and for client families to spend an unforgettable, action-packed weekend with friends and supports.

Through his long-term connection with Harley-Davidson as a devout Harley owner, 20nine founder Greg Ricciardi cultivated his passion for Ride for Life within the branding agency. Working together with the core MDA team, 20nine became a committed partner, driving the success of the annual event.

The MDA Website served as a hub for all interactions around the event and projected the spirit of excitement, hope and support. The user experience was simple and served as a high-quality invitation.

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As a recognized expert in brand strategy and identity, 20nine developed a logo that embodied the energy, excitement and positivity of the event as well as its organizers and supporters. The brand mark radiated palpable vitality and spirit.

20nine also developed powerful collateral materials that engaged prospects in a way that sparked interest and enthusiasm. The materials provided a consistency and cohesion that gave the campaign a strong sense of unity.

Each year, the ride culminates into a main event celebrating the generous and tenacious spirits who make the event what it is. For the past three years, the event has been held at the glorious Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

We are always proud and humbled by the results of the MDA Ride for Life, and impact that it creates in the lives of people. Here is the last three years at a glance:

2017 — $1, 209, 392
2018 — $1, 552, 334
2019 — $1, 708, 810

In 2020 the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and MDA celebrate a 40-year partnership of creating FREEDOM. The freedom to ride and freedom from the harm of neuromuscular disease is the synergy that led to the creation of Ride for Life. There is no greater feeling or sense of fulfillment than rallying around those who are in need.

With all the good that MDA Ride for Life does each year, we salute every rebel with a cause—past, present and future–and invite you to ride on, continue to spread the good word and keep help alive!