Being a student-athlete at a nationally competitive university today isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago. There are a lot of pressures that these young adults have to manage in order to be successful.”

Dr. Patrick Kraft Director of Athletics, Temple University Athletics

Temple/Philly Background. After extensive upfront work, the Temple University Athletics Department developed an incredibly in-depth, data-driven approach to understanding the student-athlete lifecycle and invited us to help them construct the core story around Temple’s Student-Athlete Continuum.

Ready, Set, Huddle. Together, the Temple and 20nine core teams got together to dig down for a deeper understanding of the challenge and the opportunity in front of us. The action was fast and loose, and the insight-gathering was fierce. Together we explore the opportunities we could leverage and great an experience that was truly remarkable.

Every sticky note is another potential game-changing idea. As part of any good immersion session, no ideas are left behind. With the help of 20nine facilitation, the Temple team generated an enormous range of insights and truths to work with.

There’s no idea like a Purpose-First Idea. It’s the idea that serves as primary driver for all communications and engagement with your audiences. Many platform ideas are considered, but only one is deemed master. Whatever ideas we considered for the purpose platform idea, we knew it had to speak to today’s modern athletes, their families and to the personal evolution of each student.

Landing the platform and building the story. Once we vetted the proposed platforms to the core team of clients, we landed on the winning idea based around the concept of “Temple is a family, not a factory.” The winning idea spoke to the idea of Temple as a very supportive, family environment committed to the long-term success of the student-athlete.

The journey that starts out end-to-end and continues on and on. The Temple student-athlete journey is based on real-world data and behavioral science that connects with today’s student athlete and helps guide in five key areas. While the program is grounded in the athletic department, it is designed to rally and galvanize the entire Temple University community .The 20nine team developed the core story across multiple key audiences including recruits, families, current student-athletes, alumni and donors. Communications ranged from a website to customized presentations decks.

Transforming your place on the team into your place in the world. The website lays out an end-to-end journey from recruit through alumni in a way that demonstrates the support and guidance available to student-athletes within the Temple community. As we say in copy, “When you commit to Temple, Temple commits to you.”

Measuring the impact both on and off the field. Initial impact of the launch has been exciting and can be felt across various audiences. The reaction of the student body, administrators, professors and leaders within the Temple community has been significant.