Research. The market in Philadelphia for spirits was very competitive so it was important that we conducted extensive research prior to developing our approach and creative approaches. We not only conducted interviews directly with our clients identify their vision, we spoke with many experts in the industry who could help us with a real-world perspective that could increase our chances of success.

Finding the whitespace. Having done our due diligence, our team mapped out whitespace that would enable us to differentiate our offering and create a distinctiveness and authenticity that would help the new brand stand out. We also considered brand names and the story we would wish to tell.

Words create worlds. Years of experience working with many big name spirits brands taught us that landing the right brand name would do a lot of the heavy lifting of a launch and set much of the story in motion. Together, we brandstormed hundreds of potential brand names derived from several different “camps” including heritage, process, apothecary roots, distilling expertise and mystique.

Creating an Iconic Mark. At a glance, the brand mark for Four Humours Distilling & Rickhouse is both precise and mysterious. The meticulous tiling of the mark suggests expertise and craftsmanship while the interplay of lines reveal the 4 and H that make up the brand mark. Our intent was to connote precision with a playfulness and creativity.

Building a System. Four Humours identity system is designed to be elegant, thoughtful and sophisticated with an radiant energy that brings an air of contemporary cool to the brand’s timeless, classic feel. Its use of line, rich color and interplay of type combine to give the brand a distinctiveness and immediacy.

Building the Brand. “Find Your Balance” is the mantra for the brand. It transcends the meticulous distilling process and becomes a bit of a philosophy for living. Careful attention to detail and a storyline that runs through everything become the blueprint for building engagement around the brand.

Packaging. We see packaging as an opportunity to tell the various stories that live within Four Humours and each liquid. Through the packaging line, we demonstrate the various personalities of the distilled spirit. Pleasing the eye, each packaging foreshadows the distinctive taste experience within. It is meant to be artful, visual and quite different from everything else.