The Moment

Ascension is dedicated to their mission of "spreading the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith", and they do it with a rich array of content types: from YouTube videos to Bible study programs to podcasts and more, Ascension creates faith formation materials of the highest caliber.

But their visual story didn't quite convey the emotional impact and passion behind their mission—and that's where 20nine came in. We needed to bring all their media creation entities under one flag and unite them with a bold, emotionally evocative brand story and system that encompassed past and future content creation, visual identity, and their unique culture.

The Process

We started by getting a lay of the land: We conducted focus groups and interviews to determine opinions, unmet needs, and opportunities—both within Ascension, and externally, in the current and prospective customer-base. We learned that above all else, Ascension is a family and a facilitator of closeness and connection within the community. We put that emotionally charged truth front-and-center in our brand story.

From there, we brought the story to life with a new logo, tagline, descriptor, and identity, plus a comprehensive copywriting and design style guide for implementing the new brand in all the platforms it occupies.

Using this new visual and contextual system, we refreshed many of their touchpoints to unite them under the new Ascension brand flag. Some of their flagship products, like The Great Adventure and The Activated Disciple, got a beautiful facelift, and their website got a brand new UX, strategy, content, and design.

The Impact

The new story has really resonated with the people who matter most: The internal team at Ascension has rallied around this new chapter for the brand, and the community has been resoundingly positive about the work we've done to-date. Our own enthusiasm has grown exponentially, too, as we continue our partnership with business strategy, product design, and content creation. We've got some more exciting stuff in the works with Ascension, and we can't wait to share it all with the world.