2nd Story Brewing

The Moment

Craft brewers and micro brewpubs are cropping up all over town without many, if any, providing any real differentiation or backstory. A group of investors asked us to figure out a name for their new brewpub, their backstory and make it an experience everyone could enjoy not just hardcore craft brew enthusiasts.

The Process

We developed the brand name 2nd Story Brewing: a brewpub that celebrates the city’s famous (and often infamous) love of libations. We built intrigue and excitement around the notion that everyone has a 2nd story; a deeply personal, passionate story inside us that defines who we are and what we love. Since the establishment’s actual brewing hardware was located on the 2nd floor, the brand name we created had multiple layers of meaning, adding to its appeal and potential for PR.

The Impact

Prior to launch, social media has picked up on the “2nd Story” story and is running with it. The brand has created a fresh and intriguing new conversation in the crowded space of brewpubs, primarily by allowing plenty of space for patrons to bring their own stories to share.