The concept of automating your home wasn’t a new idea. It was a concept that originally gained popularity years ago but hadn’t caught on with consumers. Perhaps it was an idea that was slightly ahead of its time. Now, with the rise of the Internet of Things and the diminished learning curve for automation in general, the opportunity to get consumers onboard with home automation was there for the taking. Retailers, architects and builders were poised to position themselves for the future. The question was, how might we position Zonoff as the partner for companies that were committed to winning in the age of IoT?


We positioned Zonoff as the partner that empowered smart, seamless living. “Smart seamless living” was a big idea that spurred the right conversations and enabled Zonoff to help partners sell more than dimming lights and self-regulating climate control. Zonoff and its partners were selling a lifestyle that fit in with technology and captured the imagination of people who wanted to take control of the way they lived. The bold color palette and design elements we created dovetailed with the identity Zonoff wanted to create for itself.


The new brand platform and identity galvanized the culture within Zonoff and helped rally the company around a single, unified mission. The brand was well-received internally and created significant buzz and interactions at trade show where the brand was introduced.