ViroPharma 2011


The Story

A dynamic and caring biopharmaceutical company, ViroPharma Inc. came to 20nine, yet again, to highlight their inspiring patients in their 2011 annual report. 2011 was a year of continued growth and further realization of ViroPharma’s larger vision. New product introductions and expansion in Europe meant leaving an even greater impact on the world. Onward & Outward was designed with powerful visual imagery and hand–drawn graphic treatments to create a unique experience for the reader. The book literally unfolds into vibrant, compellingfull–sized wall posters to stress how ViroPharma continues to expand and serve small patientpopulations. This annual report fortifies the “ripple effect” a disease can have on one person’s life,and the unwavering commitment ViroPharma continues to give to its patients.