Toluna is one of the largest global online research companies. Their products and online tools are used by some of the world’s most respected brands. How might we develop a single, unified brand story that would engage and excite its clients and unite internal stakeholders in offices in the U.S. and Europe?


Toluna delivers clarity in a curious world. This MMI positioned Toluna as the facilitator of clarity and meaning in the age of information overload. The visual identity created a balance between the black white of hard numbers and the charm of human engagement and empathy. The brand personality was a balance of purpose and personality.


The new brand positioning has energized Toluna offices and helped focus selling efforts around the world. Once we landed the MMI, we applied it further to launch several new product and service offerings that Toluna provided across its global network. The continuous thread back to the core brand story had positive impact on the success of the new offerings.