TargetX had a 19-year reputation for innovative technology and industry expertise, making them one of the most trusted CRM providers in the higher education space. They're committed to impacting the lives and futures of people and universities through their passionate pursuit of positive disruption in higher ed.

Unfortunately, their visual story just didn't align with the intensity and passion behind their mission. They needed an impactful way to communicate their expertise, excitement, and deep knowledge about everything the higher education space can and should be. Challenge accepted!


We centered our thinking around the student lifecycle, focusing on the mindset behind what real students need to know and how they need to access it. Every decision we made tied back to making the high-tech, high-touch student experience the best it could be.

We developed a provocative and confident visual identity to not only support, but enhance their brand personality. The brand mark is suggestive of breaking down the silos that exist in the higher ed space and bringing people together. The symbol also creates a subtle plus sign that conveys the positive impact the TargetX software has on its clients' ability to be more efficient, engaging, and connected to the real-world student experience.


Our brand refresh built a cohesive and signature visual style that communicated the TargetX story, personality, and new capabilities in a compelling and consistent way. Through a holistic approach, we helped them connect with their audiences on an emotional level, and built a strong case for their competitive advantage in the minds of students, alums, and universities.

But our visual branding work was just the tip of the iceberg with TargetX. From the brand mark, we moved on to reshaping their brand strategy—we set them up with engaging presentations for local education conferences and walked them through how to communicate their story effectively to engage new audiences. We converted a branding skeptic, too: Sasha Peterson, TargetX CEO, said, “I entered into our branding engagement with 20nine a declared skeptic—I now sit post the launch a firm believer in the power of quality branding”.

Plus, the potent mixture of their passion and our strategic work landed TargetX on Encoura's elite list of Five EdTech Companies to Watch!