StaffGeek began as a solution to a long overdue need. Executive staffing and hiring hadn’t fundamentally changed in decades, and every company and candidate had a horror interview story to tell. The process had grown stale and thought by many to have outlived its usefulness. Add to that, technology was busy disrupting traditional industries with the wave of its hand (and its algorithm). The staffing industry was ripe for disruption but the question was, “Who was positioned to do the disrupting?”


StaffGeek founders had a background in technology and an entrepreneurial streak that compelled them to reach out to 20nine to help build a solution and brand strategy that would revolutionize an industry. Following weeks of deep business strategy development and getting to know the technology better, 20nine helped devise a new staffing construct based on a subscription model and matching distinct native traits between prospective candidates and companies. 20nine developed the brand name, StaffGeek, along with a logo, core-selling story and product nomenclature. ‘Humans Hiring Humans’ set the story in motion and provided the necessary human element to a powerful business proposition. We invited companies and candidates to “achieve Match Geekery” by matching core personality traits to find the perfect fit. We helped StaffGeek do for professional hiring what did for personal dating.


It was a compelling and somewhat complex story that 20nine told with simplicity and consistency. From the vibrant brand identity to the branded MatchTech™ technology, forward-thinking companies are listening to StaffGeek’s compelling story.