The Story

To enhance their newly developed brand strategy and logo redesign, Light Masters Diamond Group, the maker of Solasfera diamonds, needed to establish a compelling web presence that would resonate with their audience and serve as a learning tool for their consumers. 20nine took this direction and created a high-end, engaging online experience around the underlying idea, “Love conquers all.” Passionate couples, along with brilliant diamond imagery, convey the essence of the uncharted beauty that is found in both your loved one and a beautifully cut Solasfera diamond. Intense educational areas, complete with an interactive tool, teach consumers how to buy a diamond and showcase why Solasfera produces the world’s most brilliant cut diamonds to date. From learning to experiencing to shopping, this luxury website elevates the Solasfera brand by using emotional messaging and a consumer-friendly interface to explain the innovative design and off-the-charts beauty of the Solasfera diamond.