Ad tech is a noisy and confusing place. As the industry continues to talk about cross-channel marketing, few actually have a grasp of what that means and can deliver solutions that begin to move in that direction. Sizmek was in the unique position of actually deliver solutions that helped marketers make the move to cross-channel but the real question was “how might we cut through the noise with a brand platform that stands our for its originality and ability to deliver on the promise?”


The good news was we were starting at a good place with a client’s whose name was Sizmek. It provided a sense of strength and allowed us to explore what a “Sizmek Effect” might actually mean. Long story short, we connected the promise of “exponential performance” with the notion of ripple effects associated with a Sizmek effect. We built a brand identity that was big and strong and built messaging around the original space of “Delivering Exponential Performance” and the brand’s Open Ad Management system. As in, “powerful things happen when you bring together the right mix of technology, tools and strategic guidance all in one place, under one room”


The rebrand created a unified and consistent brand message platform that helped the brand standout (Adtech brands are notoriously all over the place and seldom articulate a clear benefit for the audience). The rebrand helped focus the internal audience and generated valuable conversations around key elements of the brand communications. People knew what Sizmek did and why it was important to prospective clients. So one might say that our brand work created a positive “Sizmek Effect” around the Sizmek’s brand.