The Story

The existing Signature brand identity system was flat and undifferentiated from others in the wealth management industry (i.e. stuffy). The brand's position and identity at the time didn’t align with the company’s brand values, internal culture, and failed to communicate their highly-personalized white glove service that generations of high-value investors had come to appreciate. Having recently worked with our friends over at Pluperfect to articulate their values, Signature asked us the question “how might we develop a core identity that clearly communicates our unique brand of service while emphasizing an emotional picture that helped prospective clients seek us out?” We crafted and leveraged that brand idea of, "For anyone navigating their own wealth, a Signature solution that fits YOU." Signature Family Wealth Advisors operate in a rarified niche typically referred to as “family office” where they provide a wide range of services beyond investment management. Signature recognizes both the possibilities and challenges wealth brings, viewing themselves as partners in fulfilling its responsibility and empowering their client to achieve what’s most important to you in life…and chart the path most true to who you are. The brand identity evolution was designed in a sophisticated way to embrace the complexity of their industry by delivering an experience that is intuitive, elegant and gracious. The brand work we completed resonated with both existing and prospective clients. Furthermore, the brand was able to pivot to multiple generations of clients and prospects. The early impression of the work is that the new trajectory for the brand is successful today and possesses the versatility to be successful well into the future.