Mark Group



Nobody likes high monthly energy bills. Energy efficiency is a primary concern but the trouble is it’s not always a “top-of-mind” for homeowners. Mark Group is the leader in energy efficiency analysis. The client came to 20nine to build awareness of the Mark Group brand and increase the number of calls for in-home energy efficiency assessments.


Is your home behaving badly? 20nine personified the annoyance of costly monthly bills and drafty rooms with a “bad house” character that was a cross between stand-up comedian and rude teenage son. “Bad house” effectively personified the “point of pain” homeowners were feeling and was featured on the website, and in online advertising, trade booth and sales materials.


At launch, the number of calls for home energy assessments quickly outpaced the company’s capacity to field them. “Bad House” was a big hit. The unified brand story was distinctive, empathetic and used the right amount of humor.