The Story

How do you create an emotional connection around the idea of automated clinical trial payment technologies? Simple. Find the human element and deliver the future. The headline of this story could be: “Silicon Valley comes to Pharmaville.” For years, the pharmaceutical industry has relied on paper-based payment solutions to compensate patients participating in clinical trials. This approach added layers of costly administration and increased the likelihood of human error in accounting. Greenphire’s mission was clear: change the way clinical trials work and help research professionals focus on the success of trials and less on the drudgery of accounting for payments. 20nine needed to create an online experience that brought this story to life in vivid detail. 20nine designed a clean and highly interactive website that positioned Greenphire as a leader and provided in-depth product information around Greenphire’s key solutions: ClinCard and eClinicalGPS. Headlines such as “Sometimes pushing the envelope means getting rid of the envelope” bring to life Greenphire’s vision through the vantage point of sponsors, CROs and site managers. Following launch, the website was extremely well-received by both internal and external audiences, and continues to build momentum among industry professionals and client prospects.