New customers are the lifeblood of any brand. No new customers usually means no shot at new growth. We all know that data-gathering is critical to being able to acquire highly coveted, high-value customers. Our client, Fluent, had grown incredibly fast because of their expertise at capturing hundreds of thousands of consumer profiles through online registration, and they were poised for exponential growth. The stage was set. Fluent reached out to 20nine to help them get their story straight, get their story out, and get others to tell their story for them.


Fluent is the next generation of client acquisition for brands. Fluent is the Agile Acquisition Engine that transforms acquisition marketing by fusing hardcore data science with human interaction in remarkable—and measurable—new ways. Rather than tracking consumers' movements and attempting to guess at what they want, brands ask them directly through Fluent's powerful surveying technologies. 20nine repositioned Fluent as the “agile acquisition engine” that enables brands to engage high-value customers in more natural, intuitive ways. “Or You Can Just Ask Them” is a platform that poses Fluent as a more intuitive, straightforward alternative to the high-cost, time-intensive activities that have traditionally come along with new customer acquisition. Each piece of communication was tagged with the line, “People talk. We listen. Brands win.”


In the first two weeks following launch, Fluent closed a $5 million contract based on word-of-mouth from the brand introduction. Fluent also continues to effectively sell the “agile acquisition engine” positioning to clients and investors. “Or You Can Just Ask Them” provided a spike in interest and energy around the brand, and still serves as a springboard for their future.