Constellation Brands

The Story

Constellation Brands is a large marketer of premium wine brands located in San Francisco, California. Their brand team came to 20nine in search of a brand story around canned wine that was as well-crafted as one of their wines. Adventure-seeking millennials enjoyed drinking wine and were open to trying something different. How would we know what canned wine product what these discerning yet freespirited wine drinkers would be willing to drink? Consumer co-creation was the answer. Rather than guess, the 20nine team cocreated with key consumers in Consumer Co-Labs, a high energy and highly interactive environment where 20nine facilitators and consumers were able to build authentic canned wine stories that would help guide Constellation to consumer-vetted, market ready new product ideas. 20nine provided Constellation with a comprehensive report outlining key consumer insights, potential consumer archetypes and prime areas for exploration for a canned wine product. Through our Co-Labs, the client gained a deeper understanding of potential product positionings, potential buyer personas, and brand narratives that were relevant and motivating to millennial wine drinkers. These deep upfront insights will allow Constellation Brands to pursue new product development with greater confidence and a clearer sense of direction.