PointRoll and ShopLocal, to create a powerful new company that fuses media planning and content planning in one place, under one roof. Cofactor was born. The newly minted company enabled marketers to easily onboard ALL their content, activate it online and dynamically distribute it to drive sales. We asked, “how might we develop a brand platform and core messaging that would launch Cofactor with power and intrigue, and invite new conversations around the need for content on-boarding and activation?”


During our discovery phase, we realized that marketers continued to struggle to decide “what” to say to customers in order to drive them along the purchase path. Promoting their brand and making a sale have often been an “either” “or” proposition. All of which ultimately limited the effectiveness of a brand. The 20nine team created the “No More Either/Or” brand platform to convince marketers that Cofactor eliminated the limitations of either/or decisions. We developed an integrated communications plan, including our “Biker-Ballerina” television spot highlighting the ability to do whatever you needed or wanted to do in order to drive your brand forward.


The Cofactor brand was launched with great fanfare in New York during Advertising Week. We helped develop branded panel discussions around “No more either/or” as a branded event and a way to “break the ice” with industry influencers and key decision makers. Similar programs were developed for other key industry events including and Shopper Marketing Expo. But perhaps the best way to highlight the impact the campaign created is in the words of our client: “I wanted to take a second to pause and thank you all for the amazing work. The tight turnaround and flawless execution haven’t gone unnoticed from me, our entire company and the industry. The past two days in NY are further confirmation that all the work from strategy to positioning and execution rivals that of the best brands in the world.” - Cofactor CMO