Bentley Systems


The Story

Selling beer, gym memberships and chewing gum can be easy. Each gives you a lot of latitude to have fun and go for the laughs. Building skyscrapers, interstate freeways and oil platforms that sit a few hundred miles offshore is pretty serious business and deserve an equally serious brand story. Serious, but not dull or boring. 20nine had the great fortune of working with Bentley on several of their business segments. The common thread that runs through all of it? Some of the world’s most recognized architects, engineers and designers trust Bentley to help them get the job done perfectly so the brand communications had to be world-class and evoke a sense of drama and importance. 20nine worked directly with Bentley teams from structural design and construction and oil rig platform development to create brand positioning and messaging for each. They had to live on their own but must stay connected at some core level. Bentley trusted us with their great reputation and we took the job very seriously. That said, the work we produced possessed a great deal of humanity and empathy. Both of which were fairly non-existent in brand advertising in the buttoned-up world of engineers and architects. The key to our branding success for Bentley could be tied to several factors. First, we took the time to really understand their world and the needs of their audiences. We talked to Bentley experts and partners. We also conducted our own informal interviews with friends who were architects and engineers. Second, we kept the brand look clean, concise and reader-friendly, and the voice consistent. We avoided saying too much or relying on jargon. Third, we focused on professional empowerment as our key motivator. We discovered that the reason professionals around the world chose Bentley was that the brand’s software and collaboration tools empowered them to do what they did best, only better.