The Story

The advertising industry is going through incredible change and adtech and programmatic media buying are at the driving forces of this change. AudienceScience, an enterprise advertising management system, wanted to disrupt the industry even further by introducing the first advertiser-owned enterprise technology that enables global advertisers to take technology in-house and take charge of digital advertising like never before. It’s your world. Own it. It's the mantra we built the AudienceScience brand around. At its core is a platform of empowerment, control and transparency. We activated the brand via website, sales materials, vision video, high-value direct response mailer and the creation of "Ownershift", an informative and inspiring manifesto. The powerful positioning and provocative messaging has gained immediate attention throughout the industry, and lays the foundation for the next year of focused outreach. With a smaller audience of high-value and hard-to-reach advertisers (the top 200 global advertisers in the world), AudienceScience is poised for growth with the help of the strong and distinctive brand story.