The Story

After a day of immersion with the Almanack team, the 20nine brand team developed “Alternative Wisdom At Work” as the Master Motivating Idea. The idea worked on several levels. First, the new company’s core offering was based around liquid alternative investments, an emerging strategy for investors reconsidering traditional ways of building wealth and managing a portfolio. The MMI also positioned Almanack as trusted experts and experienced wealth management professionals. The challenge for the new brand was to quickly communicate that Almanack was making it possible for a broader pool of investors to have access to this type of strategy. Until now, liquid alternatives were available to only an exclusive type of investor. So our mission for the brand engagement was to position Almanack as a leader in this emerging investment category and a trusted concierge for helping potential investors navigate the landscape. The visual language of the new website was bold and expansive, and its voice was inviting, informative and engaging. 20nine also designed an identity for the new company that expanded on the brand values we identified. It included a logo that telegraphed vision and wisdom, and a design that was sharp and concise.