The Story

In an effort to bring the critical human element back into the technology-driven world of digital marketing, Adroit Digital, formerly Advertising Decision Solutions (ADS), set out to become a force in the industry and called upon 20nine to assist in building the brand. Adroit Digital provides a full suite of services to help brands and agencies navigate the complexities of digital advertising from data modeling through media selection and creative consulting to ROI measurement. Adroit Digital uses exclusive co-op generated data and provides expertise beyond the technology to drive maximum return on spend and campaign performance.  “Hooray for Humans,” Adroit Digital’s theme, became the Master Motivating Idea and serves as the heart and soul of the brand. As its brand video states, “we believe it’s humans that move technology, and not the other way around.” The company has been positioned simply as “Advertising that’s data driven and people powered.”  20nine launched the rebrand of Adroit through this unique platform with a logo, identity system and video that reflects Adroit Digital’s use of sophisticated technology, while enjoying a more personal, human touch in the level of service and consultation.