Insights & Strategy

Dial into understanding your brand and landscape.

Data is the key to creating competitive advantage, and digital affords us unprecedented opportunities to capture and leverage insights to inform decision making. As we move into strategy and design, it’s the triangulation of customer, business, and market insight that helps us chart the path forward. The outcome is informed investment decisions and meaningful relationships with customers.

Brand Analysis

• Competitive Landscape
• Customer Segments
• Brand Perception
• Brand Community Surveys
• Co-labs
• Stakeholder & Customer interviews
• Target and persona mapping
• Survey development & deployment
• Social Listening
• Visual paid media landscape analysis
• Paid media audits

Opportunity & Gap Analysis

• Surveys & Interviews
• Market Trends/ Research
• Audience sentiment and analysis 
• Topic modeling/clustering
• Audience segmentation/mapping 
• Prototyping
• Social Listening
• SWOT Analysis
• Pestel Analysis
• Porter’s Five Forces
• Value Chain