Uncover valuable truths about your brand

From data extraction to analysis and beyond, the 20nine Insights Team can look at your brand and business from a complex and comprehensive set of touchpoints and extract stunning insights that can revolutionize the way you talk to your consumers. Always looking for the newest investigative tools and methods, our team’s ability to examine and reveal information sharpens with each new discovery.

Brand Analysis

Get an overview of where your brand stands in the marketplace and where opportunities lie.

  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Segments
  • Brand Perception
  • Brand Community Surveys
  • Target and persona mapping
  • Survey development & deployment
  • Social Listening
  • Visual paid media landscape analysis
  • Paid media audits

Opportunity & Gap Analysis

Study the market and consumers to get a likelihood of success based on a number of factors.

  • Surveys & Interviews
  • Market Trends/ Research
  • Prototyping
  • Social Listening
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Pestel Analysis
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Value Chain