Purpose First Webinar Series | Episode 5 | June 12, 2020 @12PM EST

It’s easy to learn the game – to learn the ‘right moves’, the ‘right sequence’, how to climb a ladder. To see the system, and make the logical next step, skillfully seeing five steps in front of you. You’re a smart cookie, you’ve got this. And in a blink of an eye, in midstep, the board changes. While you’ve been making thoughtful, logical choices from the beginning, you’ve been reacting to the system. What was a grid of monochromatic checkered squares, is now a technicolor field. When the system changes, the ladder you’ve been clinging on, loses balance.

We have the power to reveal our purpose-ful internal GPS system, that is flexible, nimble and evergreen. This is the fulfilling work we do every day, that inspires all aspects of our lives.

While there are many approaches to “finding purpose,” in this webinar you’re going to learn that purpose isn’t something to be found. It’s to be revealed, through calibrating your instincts and respecting the resonance of your heart. Leveraging ancient wisdom teachings and techniques, this webinar will help you understand: 1) How to uncover your purpose 2) How to take what’s being revealed to you during this time and turn it into a new reality, and 3) Lessons for living ‘on purpose,’ moving forward.

Reclaim Your Core. Purpose First Virtual Workshop

The Purpose First Virtual Workshop helps you and your company’s leadership team align your brand’s core purpose, vision, mission and values with the needs of your core customers to help your brand lean into uncertainty with greater confidence, and advance the business forward even in these unprecedented times.

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