Purpose First Webinar Series | Episode 3 | May 29, 2020 @12PM EST

People, Passion & Persistence at the Center of a Forced Evolution

This webinar will focus on Executive Chef Chad Rosenthal of The Lucky Well, a purpose-driven restaurant organization that is navigating a chaotic marketplace by putting people at the center of his work and the evolution of business decisions. 

In this webinar, we will explore Chad’s roots, his personal experiences, his ‘why’ behind The Lucky Well, and, more importantly, how now is the time for people to seek out their own core purpose. We will hear his story about connecting to people through food along the entire journey where he has created and innovated in bold, unapologetic ways that touch people’s lives. Ultimately, we will discuss how The Lucky Well dealt with the forced evolution we all face and how Chad followed his purpose to navigate his way, and how he is challenging all restaurateurs to re-think the ways things are done to help energize positive change in the community. Chad’s heart and head (yes, he’s that dynamic) combined with a never give up attitude have made his story compelling and inspirational for all entrepreneurs, no matter what your business category. From developing a diabolical drive to conjure kick-ass BBQ in the Philly Suburbs to spearheading The Lucky Well Commissary to feeding his staff and first responders during COVID to what inspires what comes next for the Restaurant industry… join us for an important and inspirational conversation with time built in for your comments and questions. Join us.

Check out the Replay Video below:

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