Purpose First Webinar Series | Episode 1 | April 24, 2020 @12PM EST

Every brand knows that change is a part of doing business but the sudden and sweeping change of this pandemic has put us all into a mode we describe as a “forced evolution.” Join us for a webinar that explores what companies can do to take on uncertainty and move ahead with confidence.

“Navigating Forced Evolution” is a webinar focused on the challenges brands and businesses are facing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join the roundtable of leaders from the brand consultancy, 20nine, as they share insights and invite questions from participants in this webinar meant for anyone responsible for the growth and health of a brand or business during these challenging times.

How do evolve your business when you have no choice
BUT to evolve? Join us…

The Forced Evolution Webinar is meant to be a platform for brand and business leaders to share ideas, ask questions and explore how they might navigate their “next normal”

Check out the Replay Video below:

Reclaim Your Core. Purpose First Virtual Workshop

The Purpose First Virtual Workshop helps you and your company’s leadership team align your brand’s core purpose, vision, mission and values with the needs of your core customers to help your brand lean into uncertainty with greater confidence, and advance the business forward even in these unprecedented times.

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