Purpose First Webinar Series | Episode 4 | June 5, 2020 @12PM EST

Doing The Right Thing, Right Now — The PA 30 Day Fund

Doing the right thing in the world is great but sometimes urgency and immediacy must be observed to make the greatest impact. In other words, you need to find a way to do the right thing right NOW. You often have to inspire others to take up your purpose and make it their own. Join us as we talk to Jeff Bartos, the founder of PA 30 DAY fund, a donation-based program that is helping small businesses throughout Pennsylvania with infusions of free loans to help stabilize small businesses and keep them back on their feet. Jeff will talk to us about his inspiration for the fund, how it came together through the faith and generosity of others, how he built a champions network on a local level to scale the idea, and what he’s doing to sustain the program into the future. Expect a very open and honest discussion around purpose, integrity, persistence, and what it takes to spark courage and conviction in others.

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