Magpie Artisan Pies



Agencies today are known to market their own spirits brand like rum, vodka or gin. 20nine chose artisan pie-making based on the heritage of culture and family traditions of the Pennsylvania Dutch. So we had to come up with a name, backstory and identity that stood out in the fiercely competitive Philadelphia market.


The Magpie brand conjured images of family gatherings, baking together and handcrafted creations steeped in trtadition. In today’s culture of fast food and drive-throughs, Magpie encourages patrons to slow down and savor every bite of pie made from scratch. Or as we like to say about Magpie pies, “Take your time. We did.”


Magpie has become one of the fastest growing establishments in Philadelphia, and is a favorite among visitors to Center City. Voted Best of Philly and distinguished by Zagat’s and Conde Nast and its signature Butterscotch Bourbon pie, Magpie may soon give the cheesesteak a run as Philly’s signature indulgence.