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Post Apr. 28

What A Car Says About Its Owner

It’s interesting how so little can say so much about someone. Think about it…we all draw conclusions about the people around us whether its intentional or not, factual or misconception. Something I’ve noticed in the past few weeks is how the information people present on their cars can lead to such assumptions about them.

Each day I find myself amused, dumbfounded or on occasion, shocked, by the types of statements people make when they turn their cars into billboards on wheels. After much extensive “research”, I decided to profile some of the commonly identifiable “types” of commuters purely based on what their cars convey:

Mom of the Year Entrant
You know who she is, blazing past you in her Honda Odyssey. All five of her kids are on the honor roll, are eagle scouts, and she proudly displays each of her family members represented by stick figure characters on the family minivan’s back windshield. She’d also like for you to know that little “Jenny” is the best in her dance class and that her son, “Trevor”, is lead trumpet in the marching band.
The Political Soapboxer
They’ve been deputized by Heads of State as “Route Spokesmen” of their preferred political party. Without having to utter a single word, they let you know their unsolicited political beliefs by having stickers of who they voted for in the last six elections proudly displayed in their entirety. They don’t care what your thoughts are unless they’re the same as theirs because you’re wrong otherwise.
The Overcompensator
No 36” lifted heavy-duty grade truck would be complete without a “Get ‘Er Done” decal across the front windshield, graphic objects dangling from the trailer hitch, and either an NRA, pirate referencing or sexual innuendo-laced cheap beer bumper stickers on the back. Arrrrrrr!

The Jack LaLane of the Passing Lane
They are passive in the statement they are making, and only display a cryptic number such as 13.1 or 26.2 in an oval white sticker or generic action decal. But like an MLB team’s hand signals, you have to be in the know to realize they are marathon runners, swimmers, and gym fanatics alike.
The Selfless Stand-up
If it weren’t for their day job, they’d be on Comedy Central. They make everyone’s commute a bit more bearable through witty one liners like “This car is a status symbol…a symbol that I don’t have any money” on the back of their dilapidated ’86 Toyota Celica. They find humor in any situation, even if its making fun of themselves for the benefit of others What standouts have you noticed when you’re out and about?



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