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Post Feb. 2

Is It Time to Eat Yet?

I’m a self-proclaimed foodie. I don’t just enjoy eating amazing food, I bask in the amazing experience a world-class chef is so accomplished at cultivating. Cooking is an art form, no doubt, and when you’re in a good restaurant, all your senses come alive. The aroma, the atmosphere, the different textures of food, and most importantly the taste all come into play. I am lucky enough to live in a city that is home to some of the best and most diverse restaurants in the country, and trust me, I make the most of the opportunity.
I have made some recent visits to Bistro La Minette, Amis, Fond, Barbuzzo, Bindi, The Corner and El Ray. I pretty much spanned six different countries within a modest radius. All of my visits have left me satisfied. As a graphic designer, I can’t help but relate my experience at a restaurant to what I do every day. Restaurants, before the internet, lived and died based on food critics and the word of mouth their appraisals would create. Now with social media, these establishments have the ability to build a brand, create loyalty and generate buzz like never before. This has sparked an era of enterprising restaurateurs, who have built highly successful businesses based on the brand experience and the powerful ripple effect of social media. This makes sense when you consider that the only thing people love more than eating is talking about the foods they’ve eaten. Stephen Starr, Jose Garces and Mark Vetri have established such a high level of brand loyalty that every time they open a new restaurant, it’s packed and people are raving about it through blogs, Facebook, forums, and articles. They have built a distinctive brand around themselves that embodies success and insures that you will have a pleasant experience.
The one thing I love the most about being a foodie is that I am never bored, much like the business that I’m in. There are always new and exciting things to experience. Just like the consumer brands I interact with daily, I have seen my share of flavorless duds, along with stunningly good ones—brands and restaurants--that keep me coming back for more and keep me talking about them to all my friends and fellow foodies. Mangia!

Check them out for yourselves:
Bistro La Minette
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1146 days ago
Come to Phoenixville, try Majolica!
Anthony Prusich
1008 days ago
Nice taste!

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