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Bacon: The Gateway Meat

I have never claimed to be a vegetarian, although it is the label that many apply to my (red) meatless and porkless diet. I haphazardly decided to stop eating red meat and pork when I was 17, but after going a few months without it, my new diet had become second nature. I rarely craved meat, and the thought of eating it quickly became unappetizing. Without giving it a second thought, I was able to turn down everything from hot dogs at summer barbeques to sausage at Sunday brunch. That was seven years ago. I recently discovered, however, that something had been missing from my life for those long seven years.

I am not sure what it was that morning, but every ounce of me that tried to deny it was left behind with the last of my oatmeal. Despite not eating it myself, I cook bacon fairly frequently for those close to me who cannot get through Sundays without it. I love the smell, but it has never tempted me enough to let a slice past my lips. But this Sunday was different. As the smell slowly permeated the air, its seductive qualities became more pronounced than ever. While flipping the greasy, sizzling slices, I considered my reasoning for depriving myself of it for so long, as I had never really come up with a good excuse (aside from the fact that I choose to maintain a healthy diet, and bacon is two-thirds fat.) Right then and there, I made a life-changing decision: it was time to welcome bacon back into my life.

I had always told myself that if there was any meat product that was going to convert me into a meat-eater, it was undoubtedly going to be bacon. Maybe it was its cult status among foodies or its reputation to drastically improve the taste of so many foods, but I knew that bacon would ultimately lead to my ”vegetarian” demise. And that is exactly what happened.

Although I readily embrace the opportunity to try new things, my bacon journey has only just begun. For those of you ready to take your own bacon relationship to the next level, I suggest you seek out these adventurous, bacon-laden food finds across Philadelphia.

Bacon Bloody Mary
Royal Tavern, South Philadelphia

Cheddar, Bacon and Maple muffin
Mugshots, Fairmount

Bacon Fudge Bars
Swift Half Pub, Northern Liberties

Jake’s Sandwich Board, Center City

Bacon Infused Dark Chocolate
Verde, Marcie Blaine Artisanal Chocolates, Center City
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1150 days ago
Bacon is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Love the post Jenna!!
Michele Lestochi
1148 days ago I have always been tempted by this, but just can't muster up the strength to give a place called "lollyphile" my $5 + shipping.

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