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Post Dec. 29

The Most Challenging Branding Project...Ever

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The joy of finding out that we are having another daughter in February was quickly overshadowed by the realization that my wife and I would have to agree on another name for a girl. My last naming experience was a challenge; we didn’t agree on any names. In fact, the tennis match started six months prior to my 1st daughter’s birth and didn’t end until the nurse looked at us and said “Ok, what is her name going to be?”

Don’t get me wrong, we are extremely excited and fortunate to be having another child. However, you have to face the facts that naming a child is a challenging task, especially when you have to get agreement from another person – as in, your wife. This isn’t like picking out the couch in the living room. You can’t put it to the curb in six months and get a new one. You have to make sure the initials don’t spell a bad word or the name won’t subject your child to a life of humiliation. Let’s face it, the kid is stuck with the name for life and the chances of it being bad is more likely than it being a name that sets the world on fire (this doesn’t apply to Hollywood couples, of course).

Cracking the name case has become my hobby. I have to admit that I’m no Sherlock Holmes because my wife rejects my name ideas everyday. Apparently, every name I come to the table with reminds her of some annoying girl from camp. Honestly, I think it’s just another tactic by her to get the name she wants. If you think that is a low blow, it’s nothing in comparison to her teaching our three year old to call her baby sister a particular name (an ingenious tactic, I must admit).

One would think this endeavor might be a little easier for me since we build brands everyday at 20nine. Thus far it hasn’t been, and between navigating my wife’s tactics and rhyming first names with Dean I’ve decided to plead my case to the public in hopes of finally getting a general consensus on the “brand new” name for my new daughter.

Let the voting begin! Which one strikes your fancy most?
1. Amelia Dean
2. Anna Dean
3. Annie Dean
4. Emily Dean
5. Jacqueline Dean
6. Jelly Bean Dean (Hollywood Name)
7. Lilly Dean
8. Molly Dean
9. Scarlett Dean
10. Sophia Dean
And the winner is.... (drumroll) EMILY JANE DEAN! 
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gary kopervas
840 days ago
Jackie Dean has a lot of potential!
840 days ago
They are all so cute! My favorites are Anna or Annie :)
840 days ago
My vote is for Sophia Dean!!! How adorable :)
840 days ago
I love Jacqueline or Jacklyn..Lilly is second choice..
839 days ago
I vote for Scarlett Dean. How Hollywood!
Pop Bud
839 days ago
You were goinr to be Kelly Gretchen if you were a girl. Jacklyn is still my favorite, and we can call her JD
Jen Foltz & Anthony
839 days ago
I like Amelia or Lilli...Anthony thinks it should be jimmy ;-)
Mum-Mum Dean
839 days ago
I do like Amelia, but Jacklyn does sound good with Dean, whatever you both decided on, she will be a beautiful baby girl born to a great Mom & Dad& Big Sister Katie& Brother Ralphie
839 days ago
I totally agree on the importance of choosing the right name. That said, I like Sophia.
839 days ago
I'm thinking of the winter games 17 or 18 years from now. What should we be screaming as Little Dean 2 speeds her way to a gold medal? My vote is Zeezee. Can't you hear it? "And ZZ Dean breaks from the pack to cross the finish line with passion and grace. Whooopeee!!!"
Georgia Canty
839 days ago
I vote for Anna and Lilly.
839 days ago
I definitely LOVE Amelia!! It is a name that you don't hear often and is very beautiful. I like Sophia and Anna but they have become so popular. Amelia is beautiful and unique!!
Zac McGroarty
839 days ago
Scarlett for sure, that's a great name.
839 days ago
Annie or Anna....Jacqueline makes a great middle name...Anna Jacqueline Dean - nice initals too...AJD....
839 days ago
Amelia & Jacqueline are awesome!!! I can definitely imagine rooting for both girls in Women's World Cup 2035!
839 days ago
I think Scarlett is cool, but the only problem with that name is her nickname would be Scar. Emily is cute and it flows really nice as Kate & Emily... Good luck!!
838 days ago
Emily or Lily for the first name. She can be Em or Lil Dean. Then put jaqueline as the middle name and you get LJD. Can't go wrong there.
838 days ago
Lily seems to be the choice for me, but what every the name is I'm sure she will be a beautiful healthy girl.
838 days ago
Being a teacher it is always hard to pick a child's name that doesn't remind you of someone! That being said I have never taught an Anna or Amelia.Good luck! This might be the funniest thing I have read. Love it!
836 days ago
I like Jacqueline because Jack is a form of John. However, Emma does go well with Kate.
836 days ago
I LOVE Molly!! And Emily and Lilly. SO excited for you guys!
Erin D
835 days ago
My vote is a tie between Sophia Dean & Scarlett Dean! Both so pretty!
800 days ago
Love Lily Dean! Congrats!

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