Rory Shallis

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Rory Shallis

Director of New Business Development
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It’s rare to see Rory sitting still. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a traveling enthusiast, a surfing guru, and craves the outdoors—in the winter it’s the slopes, and in the summer it’s kitesurfing, which he’s mastered the art of since beginning at the ripe age of four. And, of course, he keeps 20nine moving daily as the Director of New Business Development, where he combines his passion, experience, and his other mastered arts—advertising, brand consulting, development, and creative brand management, with a MS degree from VCU Brandcenter to add to his superior credentials.

Just like Rory, the list never stops—talking, smiling, laughing, and connecting to make 20nine the best it can be. To take a break from it all and relax, don’t expect him to sit at home in Philadelphia and take five. He takes off for his favorite spots—Miami, or Vieques, Puerto Rico, with Teddy the Shih Tzu in tow.

Drink special that you fancy?

Kettle One & soda with a twist.

Travel: That place that you love to go to?

Either my condo in Miami or my vacation house in Vieques, Puerto Rico.

I'd rather be...


Biggest inspiration?

TSA Agents

Favorite city, or a city you could see yourself living in?

Madrid, Spain
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